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Parents Not Thrilled With Homework Requesting a Medicine Cabinet Inventory

Medicine in Cabinet

A Utah health teacher with potentially good intentions has sparked some controversy. The teacher asked middle school students to list medications that were in their home medicine cabinets.

A writer shared the controversy after learning about the incident on a Fox and Friends segment.

The Mapleton Junior High School health teacher gave this assignment to the students because one of the major factors of drug abuse in the state of Utah is the medications accessible in the kids' homes that were not properly disposed of when they are no longer in use.

The HIPAA Laws that exist today won’t even let a doctor give out that information on a patient’s medication use to another doctor unless you give them permission. Doctors can't even acknowledge if you are a patient or not of theirs, but this health teacher took it upon herself to send this very intrusive inquiry home with the students. The assignment wasn't meant to pry, but the teacher's attempt to educate students on the proper disposal of medication that is no longer in use has backfired big time.

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