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Parents Find Apps As Beneficial As Teachers, Students, Survey Finds

Parents Find Apps As Beneficial As Teachers, Students, Survey Finds

As more companies come out with educational apps, teachers and students find themselves enthusiastic at the number of tools they now have access to. A new survey finds that parents are also excited about educational apps and believe that they're beneficial for their children.

Moms With Apps, a company that provides mothers with quick, easy ways to find safe apps for their children, recently released a survey stating that over 96 percent of parents “agree their children benefit from using apps, with many noting the educational and developmental benefits children derive from them,” according to a recent press release.

“This finding is reinforced by a recent survey of digital learning from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, which shows teachers using digital games report a greater improvement in their students' core and supplemental skills,” the release said.

Parents, the release said, responded that “the most important aspects when considering apps for their children are if they're age appropriate, engaging, and that the app protects their child's privacy.”

“Over half of the respondents in the Moms With Apps Parent Survey reported that high-quality apps that don't overwhelm the user with ads and purchase requests or gather their child's personal information are challenging to find,” the release said. “They cite problems such as not knowing whether an app is trustworthy based on information available from traditional app stores and review sites.”

Trustworthy apps, “are upfront about the app's features so parents know what to expect when their child is using them and there are no surprises,” the release added. “Parents also cite that researching and finding appropriate apps is very time-consuming, and that it's hard to decide what is worthwhile to download despite online searches and app store suggestions.”

"This study has given us powerful insight into the minds of parents navigating the growing digital realm for their children,” said Melissa Lee, Moms With Apps parent. “With apps and digital games being used not only in the home but in schools and elsewhere, it's extremely important to create tools like Moms With Apps for parents so they can feel confident knowing that they're getting the absolute best apps for their kids."

Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor 

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