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Overwhelming Majority of K-12 IT Solutions Use Cloud-Based Services

Overwhelming Majority of K-12 IT Solutions Use Cloud-Based Services

The IT products and services company CDW-G revealed at ISTE that over two-thirds of K-12 IT solutions are now using cloud-based services, a jump from the 42 percent that did in 2014.

"Schools and districts have made great strides in moving foundational systems and applications – like email, collaboration suites and traditional business apps – to the cloud. K-12 IT professionals are now focused on the next evolution – using cloud to improve student performance and instructional time quality,” said CDW-G in a statement.

In the next three years, IT professionals predict that nearly 75 percent of all K-12 It solutions will use cloud-based services.

Why are cloud-based services doing so well in the K-12 setting?

"Improving student performance and instructional time quality are the top two drivers for moving services to the cloud – ahead of reducing costs and burden associated with managing on-premises systems,” CDW-G said.

As cloud-computing in K-12 expands, so does the concern for protecting student data.

Says, ASCD: "Until recently, the majority of student data was collected in hardcopy form and stored in locked metal cabinets. When data became digitized and online data management and storage became available, the ease with which student information can be collected and accessed increased exponentially. “

Read about what schools are doing to protect student privacy by protecting student data here .

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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