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High School Combines Art and Engineering in New Class

High School Combines Art and Engineering in New Class

A new class at the Crescent Valley High School in Oregon is integrating creativity and artistic practices with technology and engineering skills.

"The course combines the school's art-by-design class with introduction engineering," Anthony Rimel reports for the Corvalis-Gazette Times. "It has given CV freshmen hands-on experience with computer-controlled machines that they can use to make art projects, such as custom-made stickers and egg launchers as well as light sculpture."

Engineering teacher Adam Kirsch said, "I've taught a lot of classes, but this is one of the few where students are totally engaged, and they learn better when they are totally engaged."

Crescent Valley has offered engineering classes for ten years, and this new class is co-instructed with both engineering and art instructors. This innovative integration could attract students who might otherwise not be interested in engineering, and gives engineering students a new appreciation for art. The class also proves to be attractive to female students, and about 40% of the students in class are female.

Two female students were reported to have positive effects from their learning experience, and would enjoy pursuing future careers where they are employed as problem solvers. "I want to take this class because I really love the aspect of taking a design I have in my head and making it something real in the world," said ninth-grader Meagan Reynolds.

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By Samantha DiMauro, Education World contributor

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