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Opinion: Why I Am Thankful to Be a Teacher in This Generation

Opinion: Why I Am Thankful To Be A Teacher In This Generation

Despite a number of controversial issues circling around the field of education nowadays, high-school math teacher Robert Ahdoot is keeping his head up.

In his recent article on, Ahdoot shares why he is grateful to be an educator in this generation.

“We teachers are very tempted to employ the ‘back in my day, we did things differently’ tactic with our students,” he said. “Student zoning out in class? Tough, because back in my day you either paid attention or you missed out. Didn’t know what the homework was? Too bad, because back in my day you picked up the phone and called someone to find out.”

Ahdoot offers a list of reasons why he prefers being a teacher in this generation with four main point. The first point he lists is “technology.”

“The very fact that you’re reading this article so seamlessly, in your continuous journey to improve your pedagogy, is a testament to how technology is at the heart of such advancement,” he said.

A few advantages with technology Ahdoot mentions is “online grading systems so that all parties — teachers, students and parents — know exact student standings at all times,” he said in his blog.

Another advantage he mentioned in the article is “giving assessments on tablets and smartphones, which are instantly graded and input without any Scantron headaches.”

“When teachers-to-be first fantasize about their upcoming role, the initial images they play in their minds have been timelessly re-perpetuated throughout the generations,” he said. “They think of getting through to young minds and molding inspired learners and citizens, or of their passion for their subject, or of making a difference in the world. These ideals have always been the bedrock of education, regardless of the generation we find ourselves in. I am at once thankful and intrigued by that notion.”

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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