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Opinion: Teachers Are Uniting Against Donald Trump

Opinion: Teachers Are Uniting Against Donald Trump

According to a public high school teacher in New Jersey, there are lots of things that teachers as professionals disagree on. But one thing they stand united on, she says, is their opposition to Donald Trump.

Teacher Rebecca McGrath details for TES Global why teachers are so scared of education under Donald Trump.

While the aggressive candidate has only discussed education briefly during his campaign, mostly to denounce Common Core, he has discussed education to a further extent in the past.

"In his book The America We Deserve, he announced his support of charter schools and other programs that enable parents to choose where their children go to school,” McGrath said.

"He states: 'Our public schools have grown up in a competition-free zone, surrounded by a very high union wall. Why aren’t we shocked at the results? After all, teachers’ unions are motivated by the same desires that move the rest of us. With more than 85% of their soft-money donations going to Democrats, teachers’ unions know they can count on the politician they back to take a strong stand against school choice.’

Teachers, McGrath said, don’t believe Trump will be supportive of teachers, unions, or public schools if elected as president.

“...not only does a Trump presidency scare teachers in my school on a purely policy level, his behavior is appalling. His hateful rhetorical, disregard for facts and truth, and bullying tactics are horrifying traits for the leader of our country to possess.”

"Unfortunately, in education circles at least, the conversation about our next president has become less about who we want to take the job, and more about who we can’t stand.”

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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