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Opinion: Khan Academy Might be the Future of Education

Opinion: Khan Academy Might be the Future of Education


"'What’s the big deal?' most classroom teachers ask when I show [Khan Academy] to them. Here’s the big deal. The student is in control of when, where, how fast, and how many times he watches," says Daily Caller reporter Bill Frezza.

In Frezza's opinion, Khan Academy is the future of education; he thinks it's the reform that educators and legislators have been talking about but have failed to define.

Though founder Sal Khan has poised himself to be a friend of traditional public education, wary of being a foe to the country's impressive and vocal teacher workforce, he is certainly attempting to tackle modern day education.

In his book, "The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined," Khan describes his learning tool as the answer to the "Swiss Cheese Learning" that currently happens with the outdated model of education currently serving America's students.

What is Swiss Cheese Learning? The one-size-fits-all pedagogy that Frezza says is forcing America's students to hit a wall, even going so far as to call inner city schools "failure factories."

"The result? A growing mass of innumerate, illiterate citizens poorly equipped to contribute to society, much less support themselves at a decent standard of living. And all because we are locked into an archaic pedagogy that is no match for our rapidly evolving digital world."

But Khan Academy- virtual classes that are available to all requiring only an internet connection- is in Frezza's opinion the education innovation that public schools need to look at in order to breed successful students moving forward.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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