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Open Education Week Celebrates Global Impact of Shared Learning Resources

This week, from March 9–13, is annual Open Education Week, which aims to highlights "open education efforts from around the world and provides an opportunity for educators, administrators, policy makers and learners to gain a greater understanding of open educational practices and impacts." This year's theme is "The World Wants To Learn."

"Open Education plays an increasingly important role in the future of education around the world," says Mary Lou Forward, the Executive Director of the Open Education Consortium, as reported by "Faculty are looking for better ways to engage their students, learners are looking for just-in-time support for their studies, individuals are looking for educational opportunities to support their careers, and educational systems are looking for increased efficiency and efficacy. Open Education plays a role in all of these goals."

The practice of Open Education combines "the traditions of knowledge creation and sharing with 21st century technology." The idea is to create a system of shared educational resources to be more responsive to learner's varying needs.

Open Education Week is a global event seeking to raise awareness of free and open sharing in education. "Coordinated by the Open Education Consortium, the event showcases projects, resources, and idea from around the world that demonstrate open education in practice." The movement intends to reduce barriers, increase access and drive improvements in education through open sharing and digital formats.

"Open education includes free and open access to platforms, tools and resources in education, including learning materials, course materials, videos, assessment tools, research, study groups, and textbooks, all available for free use and modification under an open license."

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By Samantha DiMauro, Education World Contributor

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