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New Online Professional Development Course Covers Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is becoming one of the go-to approaches in the classroom. While it is a popular approach, teachers and educators still need resources in order to learn how to use the method effectively.

The CEO of PBL Global Thom Markham is looking to help educators looking for resources to help implement project based learning by introducing an online professional development course. The course is called “Introduction to Project-Based Learning,” and can be found on the MassiveU EdTech platform.

“The six-hour course is offered asynchronously, so teachers can complete it on their own time and at their own pace using any Web-enabled device” according to The Journal.

“Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate in project-based learning from PBL Global.”

Markham is the author of "Project Based Learning — Expert Tools for Innovation and Inquiry for K-12 Educators," which is what the course is based on. Innovation in 2016 is much like it was in 2015, running rampant and forcing educators to keep up with the new teaching methods and EdTech tools being churned out at a fast pace.

“As educators progress through the course, they will use MassiveU's project-based social learning platform to create "their own personalized projects while communicating and collaborating with peers in a social 'Community of Practice,'" according to a news release from the companies,” according to the report.

“Following the course, participants will have the opportunity to share their project portfolio with their supervisors and colleagues.”

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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