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Obama Signs Child Care Aid Act Into Law

Obama Signs Child Care Aid Act Into Law

President Barack Obama has officially signed the Child Care Credit and Development and Block grant, which will improve child care for low-income families. 

The law states that “federally subsidized child care providers will have to conduct criminal background checks on their workers and undergo a yearly inspection under legislation,” said an article on

According to the article, Obama said, “the first revamping of the government's chief child care program in nearly two decades will improve safety and the quality of child care, plus give working parents more peace of mind Lawmakers gave final approval to the legislation Monday in a rare bipartisan agreement for a Congress that's been dominated by partisan strife.”

"It shows that Democrats and Republicans, when it comes to making sure our kids are getting the best possible education, are united," Obama said, the article said. Obama signed the bill, and said, "I love signing bills. I'd like to do it more often. What do you say, guys?"

Under the $5.3 billion-a-year program, the article said, “low-income parents who work are enrolled in school or job training or who need protective services can use vouchers to pay for childcare costs at homes and centers. It served an estimated 1.5 million children under age 13 last year.”

“The new law will require states to conduct at least one inspection annually of daycare centers receiving federal funds, beginning within two years,” the article said. “Criminal background checks for staff must be conducted by Sept. 2017, and the law also requires that workers be trained in first aid and other safety needs.”

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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