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Obama Addresses Protecting Student Data, Broadband Access in SOTU

Obama Addresses Protecting Student Data, Broadband Access in SOTU

In President Barack Obama's Jan. 20 2015 State of the Union Address, he spent some time looking at improving education and access, including the need for high-speed broadband in all schools, affordable higher education, and working towards protecting student data from third parties. 

Obama called to Congress “to finally pass the legislation we need to better meet the evolving threat of cyber-attacks, combat identity theft, and protect our children’s information," according to an article on

According to the article, the Student Digital Privacy Act, a move spearheaded by Obama, "would prohibit companies from selling student data to third parties, a move spurred by the increased use of technology in schools that can scoop up personal information."

Over the course of the past few months, a group of national education organizations, representing a range of perspectives, experience and stakeholders in the field, has been developing a set of shared principles for safeguarding the personal information of America’s students,” said the Consortium for School Networking and the Data Quality Campaign in a joint statement. “Everyone has a role to play in ensuring parents and others can trust that data are being safely used to help students succeed. In the past year, states have created 26 new student privacy laws, and the education technology industry have pledged a series of commitments to safeguard data that has been signed by 75 companies. All federal action needs to be aligned with all the local and state efforts to protect student data.

Obama "also touched on expanding high-speed internet access to schools and communities," the article said.

"I intend to protect a free and open internet, extend its reach to every classroom, and every community, and help folks build the fastest networks, so that the next generation of digital innovators and entrepreneurs have the platform to keep reshaping our world," he said.

Read the full story and comment below. Access the full text of the State of the Union.

Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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