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NPR Lists Education Predictions for 2015 by Teachers, Officials

NPR Lists Education Predictions for 2015 by Teachers, Officials

The new year is here and many are predicting what may be in store for education in 2015. gathered a list of 2015 education predictions from organizations, teachers, and experts all over the country. The first from Andrew Rotherham from Bellwether Education Partners who said that blended learning will become "a daily practice."

"One thing American schools traditionally have is staying power. While they educate a different population than a century ago, the schools and classrooms are organized much the same," he said. "Yet that's starting to change. Blended learning — coupling technology based-instruction with live instruction — is evolving from an idea that was mostly hype to a daily practice for students in all kinds of public schools."

Another prediction is from Jose Vilson, math educator and author of "This is Not a Test." Vilson predicts that there will be "more nuanced kinds of data in schools."

"I'm predicting that a group of concerned citizens will finally have a way of pushing back against data to give a more nuanced version of what data ought to look like in schools," he said. "That means anything from elevating anecdotal evidence to having students create their own assessments and demonstrate proficiency that way. We won't call it going back; if anything, it's more an enhancement for learning. Also issues of diversity, including race and gender, may be included as part of teacher evaluation, especially as part of efforts to staff the best teachers for the most under-served populations, particularly of color."

A third prediction in the article comes from U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who predicts the following:

  • More than 60,000 additional children will enroll in high-quality early learning.
  • 600 new commitments by colleges, organizations and companies will help thousands more students prepare for, and graduate from, college.
  • 10 million more students will have high-speed Internet access.
  • America's high school graduation rate will set a record — again.

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor 

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