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Nine Dos and Don'ts of Teacher Gifting This Holiday Season

Nine Dos and Don'ts of Teacher Gifting This Holiday Season

This holiday season, students and their parents will shop around to find their teachers the best gift for the holidays.

A recent Today show segment looked at the best presents for teachers by asking teachers and parents "for the best gifts they've ever received or given."

The article reflecting the segment offers a list of do's and don'ts that teachers have shared, including not to "waste money on little trinkets or mugs."

Another tip is that, "there's no need to add extra clutter to their desk."

"I get so many mugs and ornaments and little trinkets for my desk that I don't know what to do with them all,They end up getting re-gifted or donated," said one teacher in the article.

One of the article's tips was to "get creative."

"Homemade survival kits are a great way to show your appreciation for the stresses teachers combat daily. Make sure that each item is actually useful and include a few special treats," the article said. "Extra credit if you choose a reusable box!"

The article also encourages parents to "work within your budget."

"When it comes to giving teacher gifts, it truly is the thought that counts," the article said. "In a heartwarming story shared on TODAY's Facebook page, one teacher recounted that her favorite present was a used bottle of lotion. She was working at an inner-city school in Philadelphia, and the student was upset she couldn't afford a 'real gift' and explained it was the best she could do. Little did she know her teacher would be sharing the story as the best gift she received in her entire career."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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