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New Survey Asks Students About Preferences on Tech Learning Tools

New Survey Asks Students About Preferences on Tech Learning Tools

A new survey released from Harris Poll on behalf of Pearson has revealed some interesting trends about what devices students prefer to use for learning inside and outside the classroom.

"The survey, conducted online between Feb. 7 and March 11, 2015, asked 2,274 students in grades 4 through 12 about the devices they are using for learning," said

Not surprisingly, the survey found that compared to just last year alone, the number of students using smart phones is increasing; the survey revealed 8 in 10 students own a smart phone.

But despite increased ownership, students said they preferred laptops and Chromebooks for learning as opposed to their mobile phones, highlighting previous research that mobile phones might serve more as distractions than learning tools.

The survey also found that most students reported using laptops for learning above any other device. This makes sense, as recent data has indicated that Chromebooks are among becoming the most increasingly used device in K-12 education.

"Students who reported using only one device during a typical school day were most likely to have laptops (59 percent). Only 24 percent of single-device users had tablets, and 15 percent said that they used only smartphones for learning," the article said.

Another interesting trend revealed in the survey? A lack of WiFi connectivity in schools. Though 96 percent of students surveyed said they had WiFi access at home, only 68 percent said they had WiFi access at school.

Read the full article here and comment with your thoughts below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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