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New Resources Help K-8 Public School Parents Best Support Students

New Resources Help K-8 Public School Parents Best Support Students

A national survey conducted by Hart Research and commissioned by Learning Heroes recently found that a majority of public school parents expressed interest in having access to resources that help them understand grade-level expectations.

In fact, due to most likely "an awareness states transition to higher learning standards and accompanying state assessments,” 90 percent of parents believe their child is on-track academically despite the reality that only a third of students are meeting expectations as defined through the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress.

In order to help public school parents understand grade-by-grade learning goals, Learning Heroes has compiled new resources for parents to utilize on its website,

The website includes a “Readiness Roadmap” which allows parents to select their child’s grade level and then access aligned resources for understanding learning goals.

Additionally, the website offers resources to help parents establish a good relationship with their child’s teacher. The resources help parents “prep for teacher talks” through things like “Tips for a Successful Teacher Conference.”

When asking parents about what they worry about most concerning their child’s education, the Learning Heroes' poll of over 1300 parents of K-8 students found that their biggest concern is paying for college, followed by peer pressure, emotional health and happiness, safe use of technology, and bullying.

The Learning Heroes has consequentially gathered resources that help parents best support their child’s social and emotional needs and notice the signs of bullying.

See the full resource here.

Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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