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New Report Finds Increase in Low-Income Students Eating School Breakfast

An increasing amount of K-12 students are having breakfast at school according to new research. 

The Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) released a study last week that analyzes how many students eat school breakfast nationwide by district and state. The findings show that through the 2103-2014 school year about 11.2 million low-income students ate their breakfast at school, a 320,000 child increase from FRAC’s previous study for the 2012-2013 school year. 

The findings come from comparative measurements of how many low-income students eat school lunch versus breakfast, which in turn provides an accurate look at how gets both meals within the low-income student population. Currently, it stands that for every 100 low-income students eating lunch, only 53 took advantage of school breakfast. 

“More low-income children are eating breakfast, and a large part of this success is due to more schools and states adopting proven strategies to increase participation,” said FRAC President Jim Weill in a press release. “FRAC’s research has shown that participation grows in schools that offer breakfast in the classroom or from ‘grab and go’ carts, or that use other creative ways to get breakfast to hungry students.  The new Community Eligibility Provision to expand the program in high poverty schools also is showing promise. We know what works, and more children are eating breakfast as a result. ”

FRAC currently has the goal to serve 70 low-income students breakfast for every 100 who also eat lunch. When states fail to meet that goal, it costs them funding for breakfast, and last school year that figure rang to the tune of over $900 million in federal funding for school breakfast. 

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Article by Jason Papallo, Education World Social Media Editor

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