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New Program Gives the Report Card a Virtual Update, Creates a Digital Portfolio for Students

New Program Gives the Report Card a Virtual Update, Creates a Digital Portfolio for Students

FreshGrade is a relatively new tool for K-12 teachers that allows them to upload student work, test results, grades, comments and more to create virtual report cards that are to be updated throughout the year.

FreshGrade was created in 2014 by Lane Merrifield after Merrifield was inspired to update the "archaic system" behind the traditional report card.

"It's an immediate window into the classroom for parents, who are alerted when anything is added to their child's digital portfolio and can directly communicate with teachers. It also allows students to view their portfolios and add comments and photos," according to

If teachers wish to use the program in their classroom, it's completely free. For administrators who wish to use the program for a school-wide approach, a paid version with additional data is available for purchase.

One teacher interviewed by My Twin Tiers said he loves the program because it allows him to have meaningful conversations with parents by easily referencing student work and progress; parents love it because they don't have to wait for teacher contact to see what their children are doing in the classroom.

Another great thing about the program? It easily creates a digital portfolio for students that they can use in the future for college applications and the like.

As of right now, many teachers are not replacing the traditional report card completely but rather using the program to supplement it. Some districts, however, have opted to dive in and use the program as the primary method for administering progress reports.

"The Bullis Charter School in Palo Alto, California, is one of them. The school is in the process of rolling out FreshGrade portfolios for all of its 740 students in grades K-8, said Wanny Hersey, the superintendent," the article said.

Read the full article here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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