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New Non-Profit Aims to Provide Broadband Access for All Students

New Non-Profit Aims to Provide Broadband Access for All Students

Konnect America is an Alabama-based non-profit with the purpose of providing broadband access for those who need it; it's a grassroots effort to help provide low-income families with internet access in order to level the playing field in education. 

"The organization concentrates especially on school-aged children, as the Internet has become an indispensable learning and socialization tool. Many of these disconnected families live in rural or isolated areas like farms, Indian reservations or wilderness," Konnect America said in a statement.

The focus of the organization in its efforts to provide broadband access is The Konnectivity Grant program, sets to help families with young children who cannot afford broadband access.

"Individuals and families can learn more about the program or apply for grant funding on the Konnect America homepage; applicants typically learn of their status within 48 hours,' the company's statement said.

"The Federal government has notably stepped up its efforts to democratize access, but the problem is so massive that strong grassroots organizations like Konnect America are needed to pick up the slack."

The organization will be working directly with leaders in cable and satellite Internet service provision through the Partnership in Education program.

"These partners waive installation costs for qualifying students and families, making access to broadband much more affordable. Combined with the Konnectivity Grant, poverty need no longer be a roadblock to technological proficiency."

Find out more about Konnect America here and comment with your thoughts below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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