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New Math Program Promises Success in Colorado District

New Math Program in Colorado Promises Success

In a small town in Colorado, 900 teachers have spent the last year learning a new math program to improve instruction. 

Teachers from Boulder Valley have been reading standards-aligned textbooks and other materials in order to reach their goal, according to One program strategy is giving students more time to "wrestle" with math problems before providing hints or the answer. 

The district has added a third math coach as well as online math examinations. Jackie Weber, math director, said teachers are enjoying diving into the program. The Common Core Standards require teaching fewer concepts in more depth and focusing on coherence across grade levels so that skills build on each other, teachers said in the article. 

"The problems on the test are very, very challenging," said Weber. "We're in this transition--new standards, new books, new assessments. We're going to continue work on making the math program the best we can."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor


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