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New Language Learning Tool Will Do Away With Textbooks Without Using Technology

New Language Learning Tool Will Do Away with Textbooks Without Using Technology

World Class Learners is introducing a new way to learn a language through its Power Play cards, cards that provide bite-sized chunks of important information to learners without the need to use any technology.

The company is calling the card sets both a teacher's and student's best friend as it allows for interactive game play between groups as well as acts as an individual learning resource.

While many modern language tools rely heavily on the use of technology, Power Play gets rid of the frequently outdated method of textbook learning all without the need for a computer. For this reason, the card set is more accessible to schools that are lacking technology resources.

As for the tool itself, Power Play is described as "an individual learning resource that can be used by students to practice, revise and learn on their own. But language learning really takes off once you start a conversation, and that's where this resource is totally unique. It includes various game play elements which require players to use the language they are learning in order to play the game," the company said in a statement.

In addition to the purported versatility of its uses, the learning tool is also adaptable for students of different ages, grade levels, and learning styles.

Called a "multi-sensory learning experience" the cards engages learners with all senses as students are motivated to "develop speaking and listening through interactive conversations that build confidence and are useful in the real world."

It has an early focus on phonics, which it says promotes faster learning from the start and it works in an organized learning structure that moves through advancing levels of difficulty.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in for your classroom, you will be able to purchase it for a reduced price throughout the month of October via the company's Kickstarter campaign.

While the language tool currently only includes the English, French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese languages, it hopes a successful fundraising campaign will soon allow it to add new languages, including but not limited to Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, German and Italian.

Check out Power Play's Kickstarter here and comment with your thoughts below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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