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Bullying Allegations Lead to Cancelled Football Season

New Jersey High School Canceled After Reports of Bullying, Harrassment Among Players

A small town in New Jersey is defending its high school team as its season is cut short after reported events of bullying, intimidation and harassment among its players. 

On Monday night, Sayreville High School officials announced their decision, and the small town is showing their support for the team, said an article on 

"There was enough evidence that there were incidents of harassment, of intimidation and bullying that took place on a pervasive level, on a wide-scale level and at a level at which the players knew, tolerated and generally accepted," Superintendent Richard Labbe said of the team, who has won three sectional titles over four years. "Based upon what has been substantiated to have occurred, we have canceled the remainder of the football season."

Labbe he could not discuss the investigation, according to the article, and "the prosecutor's office has declined to release details." The news this week followed the resignation of an assistant football coach at Sayreville, who was under allegations for for possessing steroids, the article said. 

"Labbe said at the time that the allegations against the former defensive coordinator were the focus of a separate investigation and were not related to the cancellation of last week's game," said the article.

No charges have been filed, the article said, but Labbe said Prosecutor Andrew Carey told him there is "credible evidence to back up the allegations of bullying and harassment within the program."

Students, and some parents, the article said, are doing whatever they can to have the football teams' backs, such as taking to Twitter to show support, said an article on 

"I feel so bad for the Sayreville players, I couldn't imagine having I work so hard for be taken away because of others poor choices," said one tweet by user Melissa Rack.

Other Twitter users, however, are showing their support for the district in their decision.

"Sayreville high school football season cancelled due to bullying, probably the best way to show how serious this stuff is," said Twitter user, Molly.

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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