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New International Program Offers Online Teacher Preparation

New International Program Offers Online Teacher Preparation

A new online method of training teachers is catching fire across the globe. TEACH-NOW, developed by Emily Feisritzer, is an new collaborative teacher prep option available to teachers who currently possess bachelor's degrees.

"In just three years, TEACH-NOW is already putting up impressive marks around the globe as its graduates get certified and land jobs and as the program expands with U.S. and foreign partners," according to a press release. "While TEACH-NOW's initial class in March 2013 had just ten teacher candidates, it now enrolls 40 to 60 per month and boasts a 94 percent retention rate."

"We want to change the way teachers are taught and therefore affect the way students learn in the every changing world," said Feistritzer.

The centerpiece of TEACH-NOW, the release said, "is collaborative activity-based learning. Its candidates come from around the globe, but they sit face to face with each other and an instructor in virtual online cohorts of 12."

"The curriculum is based on international standards," said the release. "TEACH-NOW accepts one in three applicants, each of whom must have a BA degree and at least a 3.0 grade point average. Tuition for the 9-month program is $6,000."

According to the release, "staff members include Donna Gollnick, a former vice president of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, and Kunali Sanghvi, a former learning design architect at LearningMate Solutions, a leading digital education firm in India."

"TEACH-NOW is based on the belief that if you built a program grounded on basic standards with high admissions criteria and an emphasis on preparing teachers for tomorrow's learners in tomorrow's learning world, they would come," Feistritzer said. "And they have."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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