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New Game that Teaches Dinosaur Facts Available on iTunes

New Game that Teaches Dinosaur Facts Available on iTunes

Kuato Studios, an independent developer, has announced the launch of Dino Tales, a game for students via iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

"Dino Tales is not just a game, but is also a beautiful storybook and an encyclopedia rich with Jurassic facts and fictions," said a press release. "Children can be both adventurers and storytellers as the game captures each play session - collating them into an enchanting digital Storybook, to be shared and read with parents and loved ones."

According to the release, the game was developed with kids, parents and educational specialists, and is "the first in Kuato Studio’s Tales series."

"The vast island is filled with a wealth of paleontological facts, enough to satisfy the curiosity of even the most avid explorer," the release said. "Using intuitive Word Wheels, children can call upon Darwin, a wise talking dinosaur, who will happily answer thousands of questions - including the all important ones about dinosaur toilet habits."

The release said the game was designed or children ages 4-10, and also features "Parent Corner" a "pin-secure area where adults can set reading age, length of play sessions and receive email notifications of their child’s latest "Tale."

According to the release, some of the game's features include:

  • Hatch 6 baby dinosaurs to play with and nurture
  • Explore a huge and incredibly rich 3D world with caves, forests, rivers and an erupting volcano
  • Use the ‘Word Wheels’ to ask Darwin, the talking dino any questions about dinosaurs
  • Play fun games and activities including the musical bone yard, river rapids, boulder bowling, lava slides and much more
  • Collect and learn about loads of different fossils and minerals
  • Turn each tale into a Storybook to be personalized and shared with others
  • Develop core skills including sentence construction, vocabulary, language and more


Here's a trailer for Dino Tales: 

The game is now available via iTunes

Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor


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