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National Geographic, Cengage Donate 35K Textbooks

Resources for professional development have been on the top of the lists for administrators lately. Educators who haven’t been able to get the tools they require to help their students get the best out of instruction will now receive help thanks to National Geographic and Cengage Learning.

Improving student success begins with providing instructor access to support and resources for fostering student engagement and participation in the classroom.

National Geographic Learning, part of Cengage Learning, will donate nearly 35,000 professional development textbooks for educators to use upon attending this year's College Board-endorsed Advanced Placement (AP) Summer Institutes with training tools to improve strategies for teaching AP courses. 

"We are thrilled to be a part of the AP Summer Institutes' efforts to provide educators with the professional development opportunities they need to make a real impact with their students," said Vincent Grosso, senior vice president, National Geographic Learning.

"Today's educators work tirelessly to help students achieve their greatest potential, and we are honored to be able to support them in their work."

The AP Summer Institutes are subject-specific professional development opportunities that provide educators with the instruction and support needed to effectively teach AP courses.

Nearly 1,500 sample requests were sent to individual workshops across the country. These four-to-five day workshops are attended by teachers from around the world and provide an opportunity for educators to exchange ideas and information about AP courses and available teaching materials.

National Geographic Learning is an exclusive partnership between Cengage Learning and the National Geographic Society. The company believes that learning can be exciting, inspiring and transformational when students are engaged with their course materials.

Drawing on the real world accounts of National Geographic explorers, scientists, writers and photographers, National Geographic Learning offers a wide range of programs that support AP instructors and engage students with content and digital learning tools. For more information about the various AP products available, instructors who are interesting can visit

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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