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National Chemistry Week: Stellar Online Resources to Teach Chemistry Year-Round

Did you know this week (Oct. 22-28) is National Chemistry Week?

In honor of the occasion, Education World has compiled a series of resources that can help students master chemistry skills all year round.


Safety First!

As you try to teach your students chemistry to the best of your abilities, you might forget to overlook the importance of teaching how to be safe while learning science, too.

This Lab Safety section of the CSU-Northridge Science Education website is perfect to make sure you have all your safety bases covered before beginning instruction.

This resource includes safety standards, contracts, quizzes, scavenger hunts and basically everything else you could possibly need.

Check it out here. 


Mixed Reception: Use Chem Knowledge to Solve a Murder Mystery

This 40-50 minute activity from the Chem Collective requires students to use "basic knowledge of formula weight, chemical reactions and the scientific method” to figure out who done it.

Chem Collective recommends it as an in-class group activity or even as a homework assignment.

Check it out here. 


The Only Periodic Table You’ll Ever Need

This interactive periodic table from WebElements is the only periodic table you’ll need. The table allows you toggle between learning the history of the elements to uses, physical properties and more.

Check it out here. 

Current Chemistry News

Keep your students updated on current events by pulling trending news from these sites:


Happy Chemistry Week!

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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