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National Association for Music Education Announces Teach Music America Week

National Association for Music Education Announces Teach Music America Week

March is "Music in Our Schools Month", and the National Association for Music Education has announced the first annual "Teach Music America" week will be celebrated March 16 to 22.

During the week, "musicians and music teachers are asked to offer at least one new student a free, 30-minute lesson," according to a press release. "Keep Music Alive is also asking aspiring music students [young and old] to find a musician or music teacher participating in 'Teach Music America' week."

According to the release this week is important because "sometimes the biggest hurdle to anything is just getting started."

"Keep Music Alive believes that by encouraging musicians, music teachers and potential students to reach out to each other during March, many will continue to teach, learn and share music with each other long after the month is over," the release said. "The organization's goal is to get as many new students as possible to begin learning how to play a musical instrument."

"The purpose of 'Teach Music America' and Keep Music Alive is to help remind us how important and valuable music is and all the reasons why," says Vincent James, founder of Keep Music Alive in the release. "By sparking musical interest in these new students, we will collectively help ensure that quality new music is created for future generations. As an added bonus, we will also be helping to develop their minds for many successful careers outside the arts."

James, the release said, "cites cuts in music and arts education, the switch from CD/MP3 sales to streaming and fewer live music venues as factors leading music down a troubling path. He says the Keep Music Alive mission is an attempt to push back so that future generations will continue to enjoy quality new music."

"Keep Music Alive will be publishing the book 88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life in May," the release said. "88+ Ways will feature inspirational music stories and quotes from musicians, music educators and music lovers from all over the world."

Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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