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Nashville Poised to Use ESSA to Boost Music Education

Nashville Poised to Use ESSA to Boost Music Education

For the first time ever, music education is listed as a critical component of a well-rounded education per the new education legislation, the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Music and art education advocates are optimistic that the legislation will help return focus and funding to its programs, including programs throughout Nashville, TN.

"The law...opens up federal grant funding for states and local school districts to support music education programs and train music teachers. There will also be opportunities for federal grants to fund music education at community centers across the country,” said the Tennessean.

Nashville is home to one of the nation’s most successful music education programs, the Music Makes Us program which has “recently celebrated an all-time high of students enrolled in music education programs.”

The program has also recently celebrated milestones in its results and its inclusion of low-income students.

One of the legislation’s architects, Sen. Lamar Alexander, made sure to include music education into ESSA because of how important the music education he received was to shaping his background.

"'Music education has that kind of power over students and also teaches them self-discipline, teamwork and an appreciation of the arts,’” Alexander said, according to the article.

In addition to the increased focus on music education, the new legislation also places significantly less emphasis on standardized testing. Music and art advocates hope this, too, will help art education flourish.

"The music industry, especially the National Association of Music Merchants, applauded the prioritization of music education. The organization, which represents instrument makers and retailers, has made music education in schools one of its top policy priorities,” the article said.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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