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Nashville Gets a $500,000 Computer Science Center

Nashville, Tennessee, is looking to provide all of its students with the possibility to explore computer science. The ReRepublic High School Thomas H. Cato Computer Science Center will be open to all students in Nashville and serve as a central point of learning the ins and outs of computer science.

 “The $500,000 computer science center, dedicated Tuesday in front of Mayor Megan Barry and about 100 Nashville community members, is expected to be a building not just for the high school, but a place for every Nashville student and teacher involved with computer science,” according to The Tennessean.

“The center will help further the goal of RePublic to get students coding, Ravi Gupta, founder of RePublic Schools, said. And it will do that as an open community center for all,” according to the report.

The goal is obviously to do away with the idea of exclusivity and move towards creating a central area where students of all backgrounds can visit and learn more about a growing industry. The center has been providing itself as an “open resource” according to the report.

"This can serve as a platform to inspire more kids to go back to their schools and try to get a coding club started or a place where teachers can learn and take coding back to their school," said John Wark, president of the Nashville Software School, according to the report.

The effort put forth in Nashville could prove to be a model for other cities nationwide. Share your STEM news by writing editor[at]

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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