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At World Science Festival, Students Can Interact with Renowned Scientists

NASA Hosts 2015 World Science Festival; Gives Students Opportunity to Interact with Renowned Scientists

From May 27 through May 31, NASA will be hosting this year's World Science Festival in New York to more than 100,000 visitors and will feature a variety of hands-on all-day activities for interested participants.

Such activities will include events such as checking out the "NASA Orbit Pavilion," an interactive sculpture designed to help participants learn about "Earth Science satellites that monitor our planet’s ever-changing pulse from their unique vantage points," according to the festival's site. The exhibit will be instructed by several famed NASA scientists.

Other invitation-only events will give selected students from around the global the chance to meet with world-renowned scientists and participate in Q&A sessions.

For example, on Thursday May 28, "students from around the globe will engage with NASA Chief Scientist and leading planetary geologist Ellen Stofan. Stofan is one of the premier experts on the terrain of Titan, Venus, Mars, and Earth. During this intimate gathering, students will have the opportunity to ask Stofan about her career, her inspirations, and NASA’s science programs," its site said.

During evening time on Saturday, May 30, NASA astronauts will stargaze and lead discussions and demonstrations on space walks and operating a space suit.

And every day of the festival from 10 p.m. to 6 p.m, an Ultimate Street Science Fair will be operating in one of the city's parks where visitors will interact with astronauts and scientists alike and engage in numerous hands-on activities like running through the Mars rover obstacle course, learning how scientist search for life on other planets, and going through the process of how astronauts train for space, according to the site.

All in all, the festival will be jam-packed with activities for already-enthusiastic students of science or students who will as a result find interest in the field.

To read more about dates and activities of NASA'S 2015 World Science Festival, click here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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