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A More Efficient Login Process

If you are among some of the educators who feel that the student computer login process is too complex and hinders students, you aren’t alone. A new tip from SmartBlogs on Education reveals how to simplify the student log in process once and for all.

“It’s time to simplify the login process for student machines,” says James Roodhouse of SmartBlogs.

“After a decade of watching students log in to their laptops, mobile devices and desktops, I’ve come to the conclusion that student machine logins are more a barrier than asset to the effective use of technology. In most cases, they seem to slow down processes and increase opportunity for disruption.”

Logging in can sometimes bring a world of trouble for students furthermore slowing the process of classroom activity and time spent away from actual learning. Troubleshooting takes up time so naturally the solution falls under eliminating the issue completely.

“Here’s an example. In one class, one student does not have a password, another student has an expired password and yet another student makes a typographical error while trying to log in,” says Roodhouse.

“All three cases cause needless slowdowns and teacher frustration.”

So what does Roodhouse suggest? Well, he recommends eliminating the login and replacing it with a kiosk-like state such as Mac or PC. All work is then saved on cloud-based storage where all work can be accessed without complicated logins.

“Syncing documents to a local server and using overly complicated student profiles do not teach students how to work and retrieve data in today’s world,” according to Roodhouse.

“Consider simplifying the network environment with a focus on the idea of quick access. Additionally try easing back a bit on control and you may be surprised by the results.”

Wasting valuable learning time should not be an issue when it comes to blended learning in Roodhouse’s eyes. Roodhouse is the technology director for Geneseo CUSD 228.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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