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More Chains Offering Teachers Free Food or Drink

More Chains Offering Teacher Free Food or Drink

While it's too early to say deals specific to educators are sweeping the nation, free food and drink promotions are starting to pop up in more places from more brands. Local franchise owners of national eatery chains, including McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts, have been offering freebies for teachers. EducationWorld is here to help to locate a few of the deals.

At East Coast Wings & Grill in Buford, Georgia, teachers can eat free every Tuesday in September, said an article on The meal, limited to $9, is for dine-in customers between 4 p.m. and closing. To eat for free, teachers must show their IDs.

What could be better than free coffee on Mondays? Another national chain, McDonald's, is offering free Monday coffee to educators in three of its locations throughout Texas, said an article on  

"Certain McDonald's locations have you covered on Mondays in September and October," the article said. "No purchases are required, but to get one free small hot McCafe premium roast coffee, teachers and administrators must show their teacher ID cards."

The participating locations are at 3505 and 8503 Lakeview Parkay in Rowlett, and at 3205 South Garland Ave. in Garland, the article said.

While these deals are specific to Georgia and Texas, our reporters are on the lookout for even more discounts and freebies. Recently, EducationWorld looked at how a franchise-specific Dunkin Donuts promotion caused confusion among educators throughout the nation. The promotion, offering free coffee to teachers, was only valid in at a Dunkin Donuts in Illinois, but the location was not specified in the promotion graphic, so educators in other states were confused about whether the deal applied to them. In our comments section, several educators shared that some Dunkin franchise owners did honor the free coffee deal even though it did not originate in their location. Competing coffee sellers were said to have mirrored the deal as well.

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

Feel free to share any teacher-specific deals in the comments below or email webmaster[at]


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