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Mobile Assessment Software Reaches One Million Mark

Mobile Assessment Software Reaches One Million Mark

Quick Key, mobile assessment software that takes the responsibility of grading from teachers to quickly assess student achievement by scanning assessments has successfully scanned its millionth quiz.

The software company believes that this is testament to how much teachers are not only benefiting from the software but also are supporting digital grading.

“'Our mission is to enable district administrators, teachers and students to get rapid feedback from the assessments they already do while spending less time doing them, turning every assessment into a blueprint for personalized learning,' said Walter O. Duncan, co-founder of Quick Key, according to EdNet Insight.

Quick Key was founded by Duncan in August of 2013 to make educators' lives easier and address a need to remove grading from teacher's agenda to enable them to focus on other aspects of teaching.

Duane Hanson, a mathematics teacher in Minnesota, was the educator who scanned the millionth quiz.

“'I just started using Quick Key recently, and I found it very beneficial for providing instant feedback,” Hanson said. 'My students and I both love being able to see their results instantly, right at their desks. As a teacher with 41 years in the classroom, I can also attest to the fact that you don’t need to build your lesson around Quick Key,'" he said, according to the article.

The free edition of the software allows teachers to use the software for four quizzes a month for an unlimited number of students, the article said.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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