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Millions Raised for New Platform That Aims to Eliminate Pen and Paper Tests

Millions Raised for New Platform That Aims to Eliminate Pen and Paper Tests

Edtech startup DigiExam has received $3.5 million in funding for its platform that allows for students to take all tests digitally and makes pen-and-paper tests obsolete.

The creators of the platform say they started DigiExam with the intention of making testing and grading an easier process for teachers so they could focus their energy on other beneficial aspects of the learning process.

The process of creating exams and most importantly grading exams is both time-consuming and tedious and takes time away from teaching and inspiring the kids and the students,” said DigiExam co-founder and Johan Hägglund to

Hägglund said because today’s students are now digital natives, they should consequentially be able to deliver their work in a more relevant digital format.

“Therefore, we designed a product that is super intuitive and easy to use for the teacher so to ensure that they actually will use it and allowing it to be 100 per cent reliable and can work both on and offline without any risk that data is lost”.

One of the more interesting functions of the platform is how it makes the test-takers anonymous to eliminate any potential “teacher bias” while grading is being done.

"‘Teacher bias’ is also mitigated because DigiExam ensures that tests can remain anonymous for the person doing the grading,” the article said.

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Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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