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Microsoft Launches Site for Educators Using Minecraft in the Classroom

Microsoft Launches Site for Educators Using Minecraft in the Classroom

Microsoft, owner of the popular building game Minecraft, has created a new site to capitalize on the growing trend of educators using Minecraft in classrooms.

"At its best, Minecraft is a virtual indeterminate 'maker-space,' a sandbox in which kids can practice both STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and ELA (English language arts) skills in a socially contextualized way. They count, measure, invent, speculate, and assess while constructing complex narratives and communicative scenarios for and with other players," said Forbes

Microsoft has been traveling the world to see how Minecraft works in the classroom, and its research has led to, a site still in development that is intended to be a one-stop resource of teachers looking to integrate the game into lessons.

"Our goal here is to invite you to share possibilities. We’ve created this space to connect the community of educators and players with people looking to learn more. So, what can you do? Share your story. Ask a question. Find a partner to help create your first Minecraft lesson. Tell us what you’ve learned so far, and help inspire the world to change the way we learn," the new site reads in its first post.

It has been long speculated that Microsoft, upon purchasing Minecraft's parent company Mojang for $2.5 billion last year, has always had big educational intentions for the popular game; in numerous public events Microsoft execs have highlighted Minecraft's purpose in STEM education. 

Educators throughout the country have already been finding ways to use Minecraft as a tool in the classroom, and Microsoft's new site will likely make it easier for educators to share and find lesson ideas to adapt to their classroom.

Read more here, and check out more about Minecraft in the classroom here

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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