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Michelle Obama Visits High School to Celebrate Students' College Applications

Michelle Obama Joins High School to Celebrate Students' College Applications

First Lady Michelle Obama was recently seen at Capital City Public Charter School in Washington, D.C. celebrating high schoolers who completed their college applications, according to an article on

"I want the younger kids to understand that this is a big day, this is huge. This is what you are working for," Obama said. "We are here today because the seniors at your school have and will walk across the stage and drop their college applications off in the mail. Yes, that's a big deal.”

The event, the article said “aimed to inspire students at the low-income and ethnically diverse school that higher education is not only obtainable, but a must in today’s world.”

"Higher education isn’t just your ticket to a good job, look it is also one of the most fun, exciting, challenging experiences that you are ever going to have in your life," she said. "College is a good thing."

According to the article, when the seniors went to drop their college applications into a mail crate, “the younger students in attendance cheered on their fellow students, some even with handmade signs with sayings such as, ‘Congrats Class of 2015.’”

"All of our kids will go to college," says Katryna Andrusik, high school instructional coach at the school. "That really is the expectation, that our children will make a decision to apply to college – and even if they decide not to attend a four-year, that they will go on to something that allows them to be more successful than just simply graduating high school."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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