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Meet the 2016 National Superintendent of the Year

Meet the 2016 National Superintendent of the Year

The School Superintendent Association has announced this year’s Superintendent of the Year during the National Conference on Education.

Meet Thomas S. Tucker, the 29th National Superintendent of the Year.

According to eSchoolNews, "Tucker has served 26 years in the Kansas and Ohio public school systems. During that time, he held the positions of classroom teacher, assistant principal, principal, director of secondary curriculum and superintendent.”

In order to be nominated for Superintendent of the Year, candidates are judged against a variety of criteria to be considered the best.

Candidates, like Tucker, must have a “leadership for learning.” being able to meet the learning needs of all students in the school system.

Candidates must have "strength in both personal and organizational communication,” must actively participate in the community, must motivate his or her educational team, and must seek out a constant improvement of administrative knowledge and skills, said eSchoolNews.

“A $10,000 college scholarship will be presented in the name of the 2016 AASA National Superintendent of the Year to a student in the high school from which the superintendent graduated, or the school now serving the same area.”

“'I have unwavering passion for student success...My commitment to teach students is at the center of our decision making and my loyalty to our school community. I’m willing to risk popularity or my own job to ensure that students are successful,’” Tucker said to

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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