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McGraw-Hill Education and Cerego to Partner on Language Learning Tools

Two adaptive learning companies—McGraw-Hill Education and Cerego—recently announced a partnership to focus on improving language instruction based on adaptive technologies. They will begin with a new version of an existing Spanish language program, "Asi se dice."

"Acknowledging that 'multilingualism is an advantage in our globalized world,' McGraw-Hill Education Senior Vice President Sean Ryan announced the partnership between his company, which already has learning programs in 60 languages, and Cerego, which focuses on memory management tools that are intended to help students retain what they have learned," reported Michael Hart for THE Journal.

McGraw-Hill and Cerego are known as companies with a positive track record for creating learning technologies in which "students study by guiding themselves through personalized experiences." McGraw-Hill already has learning programs in 60 languages, and Cerego focuses on "memory management tools that are intended to help students retain what they have learned."

"Asi se dice," is a program which includes "vocabulary and grammar lessons, instruction on Spanish language culture and literature, photo essays and achievement tests to track student results and progress."It is anticipated to be ready for classroom us in Fall 2015.

"Language learning is a discipline that we feel very passionately about," Cerego Executive Chairman and Co-founder Andrew Smith is reported to say. "Starting with Spanish, we're eager to integrate our adaptive learning technology within McGraw-Hill Education's world language programs."

McGraw-Hill and Cerego intend to incorporate adaptive technologies into language instruction for LearnSmart and ALEKS, two of their primary products. LearnSmart is geared toward corporate learning, while ALEKS is intended for K-12 education.

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By Samantha DiMauro, Education World Contributor

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