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#LoveTeaching Campaign Inspires Teachers to Band Together to Raise Morale

#LoveTeaching Campaign Inspires Teachers to Band Together to Raise Morale

Sean McComb, high school English teacher and 2014 National Teacher of the Year, describes on the Department of Education blog the negativity he was involved in and surrounded by last year.

"Last year I found myself, and many of my friends, caught up in the tempest surrounding the teaching profession. From viral resignation letters, to magazine covers, to court cases, our vocation seemed to be in everyone’s crosshairs. And for many, those narratives crowded out the joys, the laughs, the hard-fought victories, and the heart-wrenching challenges that give us such a deep love for teaching,” he said.

Also last year, he, a few friends and some partner organizations banded together to rise above the negativity and create a campaign that highlights the joys of the teaching professions.

This year, until Feb. 22, he will push that campaign again.

"This year…teachers-and friends – across the country are invited to join the #LoveTeaching campaign. I’ve used it as an opportunity to share a story about a student who changed my life. A Kentucky English teacher put together a list of twenty reasons she loves her work. What’s your story? Search the hashtag to gain inspiration from others, or just jump on and join in the love,” he said.

"The teachers I admire start their day by thinking how they can do better for students. I urge you to take the opportunity to pause and remember the kids and colleagues, the personal champions and persistent challenges that make us #LoveTeaching.”

Indeed, a quick search of the hashtag returns numerous results of educators sharing why they #LoveTeaching. See below for some examples on how teachers are taking to Twitter to share their joys.










Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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