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Libraries, Museums Offer National Week of Making Activities

Libraries, Museums Offer National Week of Making Activities

President Obama has declared June 17-23 the National Week of Making, a move that has showed that the maker movement is more than just a fad and is indeed here to stay. As libraries and museums across the country participate, the week is also highlighting how these institutions have evolved and carved a place in the 21st century world.

Check out these activities from participating museums, libraries and organizations across the country that are embracing the National Week of Making.


New York Public Library Announces Partnership to Offer Free Making Classes in Fall

The New York Public Library in partnership with Shapeways EDU will be offering patrons a free 10-week course based on teaching individuals how to use open-source content to learn the ropes of 3D modeling and printing.

(It’s the perfect time for such an announcement- a recent report indicated 3D printing sales are increasing steadily year after year).


People from the Chicago area are being encouraged to share with others on social media how they are making throughout the week.


Chicago Public Library Maker Lab

Lots of what #ChicagoMakes will take place in the city’s library. The library hosts the city’s first maker lab open to the public, and it’s using this week to boast about what it offers. "The Maker Lab is open to anyone 14 and up, and has a range of equipment including 3D printers, laser cutters, electronic cutters, a CNC milling machine, and robotic knitting machines,” the Chicago Public Library says.

Guest presenters will be visiting the spot this week, as well, to provide demonstrations and lectures about how the maker movement works.


West Virginia's Largest Makerspace Receives White House Invitation

West Virginia's largest makerspace is located at Heritage Farm, a site that has attracted thousands of visitors to learn about the maker movement.

Heritage Farm helps to promote a Appalachia Makes campaign, which connects makers to "early settlers' survival ingenuity and unique Appalachian problem solving skills with today's technology." The campaign will create more than 5,000 original works of art and technology by 2017. Talk about cool.

Greater Boston Making Tour

What sounds cooler than a traveling group of makers? This week, dedicated makers will be hosting an array of events at various public spots in the Boston area.

Activities accommodate all ages and interests, so if you live in the area check this out to see if there’s an activity for you.


'Ultimate Family Make Night'

The Digital Harbor Foundation in Maryland is inspiring young makers this week by making it a family affair.

The free event involves "project stations where families can work together to create between 3-5 different hands-on projects for this special edition of our monthly Family Make Night events. Each project will be appropriate for most ages and designed for families to work together to complete."

Making, Tinkering, and Urban Gardening at the Betty Brinn Children's Museum

This entire week, children in the Milwaukee area will be able to go to the Betty Brinn Children’s museum and partake in urban gardening, animation experiments, emerging technology demonstrations (like the 3D printer, of course!) and more.

This event had us at urban gardening! 


Professional Educators Maker Boot Camp via MAKESHOP® at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Not to leave educators out, this children’s museum in Pittsburgh is letting both formal and informal educators participate in the maker movement by getting some free professional development.

"Day-long workshops, each centered around a different discipline or idea to help formal and informal educators... bring creative, hands-on, maker-focused programs to the students, youth, and public that they serve.”

Are you hosting or participating in an event for National Week of Making? Let us know!

Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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