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Librarian Reviews 50 Apps for the New School Year

School is starting, but teachers still have time to get acquainted with some of the best apps to use in the classroom. offers a list of 50 new apps for the school year, ranging from productivity, travel and geography to reading and more. 

Michelle Luhtala, head librarian at the New Canaan High School in Connecticut, said that not all schools have one-to-one programs or are ready to implement such programs. Because mobile devices are so prevalent among today’s educators and students, however, apps are some of the most impactful and easy-to-access tools. Luhtala reviewed 50 useful apps teachers can use on their smartphones and tablets.

“We’re not all ready to launch into one-to-one, and not every school is ready for one-to-one,” Luhtala said. “But with testing, more schools are looking at one-to-one, or certainly more mobile technology, because testing is going to be computer-based, and we’re scrambling to come up with resources to meet those needs. Here is an opportunity for you to take the device you have today and start thinking about it as a computer."

Some of the apps include Airdrop, an easy way to share resources; Pocket, an app that helps users save interesting articles and videos; and LibAnywhere, a library catalog that users can take anywhere. 

See the full list. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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