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LEGO Education Announces Software to Teach Elementary Students Science Skills

LEGO Education Announces Software to Teach Elementary Students Science Practices & Skills

LEGO Education announced this week WeDo 2.0, "a hands-on science solution designed for elementary classrooms using a robot-based learning system.”

Built using science principles for 2nd-4th grades, the software features over four hours of curriculum to engage elementary school students in a series of collaborative challenges based on experimentation and investigation.

"WeDo 2.0 enables students to engage with the science practices and engineering habits of mind by testing multiple designs through eight guided and eight open-ended projects,” LEGO Education said in a statement.

WeDo 2.0 is built for students of all abilities, the company says, and allows educators to tailor lessons to individualized student needs.

According to experts such as Jeffrey Marlow, a Geobiologist at Harvard University and founder of The Mars Academy education and development program, programs that engage students in science such as WeDo 2.0 are more likely to increase student understanding of the subject.

"These science lessons do more than just teach students facts to memorize - they represent an immersive experience that instills a deeper understanding of the scientific method and evidence-based reasoning. Not only are these skills central to science- and technology-based fields, but providing a platform for our students to spark that one idea that could change the world is something they can build on for the rest of their lives,” Marlow said.

For educators who are interested in WeDo 2.0, it is currently available on iPad, Android, PC, and Macs and will be able for Chrome Book support later in the year.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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