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LEGO Announces New Common Core Math Program

LEGO Announces New Common Core Math Program

Teachers could now turn to Lego products to teach their kids Common Core math standards. 

Lego recently announced Wednesday that it will release, MoreToMath 1-2, "a package of 48 block-based exercises that target first-and second-grade math coursework," said an article on 

"The product comes at a time when many elementary school teachers are adapting to tougher standards for mathematics," the article said. "The new Common Core standards encourage critical thinking, collaboration, technology use and digging deeper into the concepts behind the subject matter."

MoreToMath 1-2 was "designed to help students grasp math problems by modeling them with blocks and solving in creative ways," said Leshia Hoot, Lego Education's senior segment manager for preschool and elementary education, the article said. 

“We had educators saying they were really struggling with these (Common Core) math practices,” Hoot said. “We designed this to support those practices and real-world problem-solving using Lego bricks.”

MoreToMath 1-2 is a "hands-on educational tool for Grades 1-2 targeted at teaching mathematical problem solving, a key component of today's mathematics curriculum," said its official website. 

"The LEGO Education MoreToMath 1-2 solution includes a LEGO brick set designed for classroom use, curriculum, teacher training videos, an interactive whiteboard software and teacher and student worksheets with built-in assessment that teaches and reinforces the eight practices of mathematical problem solving as defined by the latest Common Core Math standards," it said.

See the video below:

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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