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Learnteria Launches New Education Resource Review Site

Learnteria aims to be the "Yelp of education technology," where educators and parents can visit the site to provide or read reviews of educational resources. 

According to, "[The site is] a first-of-its kind tool that allows you to research, rate and review the educational resources you use every day. With Learntearia, PreK-12 educational resource consumers can research textbooks, rate athletic equipment, review leadership conferences and much more. Learnteria is designed to make decision making easier by compiling resources in a single location and supplying feedback from fellow educators and the entire community.

Erick Watt-Udogu, the founder and president of Learnteria, said in a prepared statement: "We already have over one thousand vendors on board that produce a whopping 300,000 listings, covering a huge gamut, including school/classroom products, professional training courses, school bus providers, food vendors, apps and even study materials such as poets and novels. Our plan is to build the community to contain literally every resource an educator would come into contact with during their career—both in terms of tangible products and features of their actual curriculums.

Listings include everything from playgrounds and playwrights to food service and nutrition, transportation and football. It's a great resource for teachers to find potential educational services for their classroom, while learning which, if any, to avoid.

"On Learnteria, Educational Resource Consumers can find big companies and small nonprofits, famous playwrights and scientists, field trip destinations, competitions, athletic equipment, conferences, technology and more," reads the official website. Learnteria is designed to make decision making easier by compiling resources in a single location with feedback from fellow educators.

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By Samantha DiMauro, Education World Contributor

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