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LearnLaunch Accelerator Names Six EdTech Startups for Winter Program

LearnLaunch Accelerator Names Six EdTech Startups for Winter Program

An education technology startup program, LearnLaunch Accelerator, announced selections for its Winter 2015 accelerator program. The company's goal is to impact the learning community and broaden the learning environment. 

“More and more, the brightest minds in business and education are coming up with innovative solutions to education and learning challenges,” said Jean Hammond, a LearnLaunch partner in the release. “We’ve assembled six of the most promising edtech companies from around the world and are looking forward to working with them to validate their products, expand their companies, and enable them to become investment-ready.”

The release shared the companies that were selected, including:

  • Authess – Assessment templates that enable scenario-, simulation- and problem-based assessment that evaluate knowledge and skill mastery, and deliver personalized data to the learner
  • Education Modified – A platform that empowers teachers who serve students with special needs using the latest research-based strategies and Learning Biographies for seamless collaboration
  • Knowledge to Practice – improves patient-centered care through personalized, mastery-based postgraduate medical education
  • NI-O Toys – a maker of Hardware Development Kits that enable designers, engineers, kids and practically anyone to create 3D printable smart educational toys
  • Pip Learning Technologies – creator of the Trust Platform® identity service which connects educators to innovators, protects student privacy, and includes parents
  • Quill - a literacy tool that builds students’ grammar skills through personalized writing and proofreading activities

“We are thrilled to bring together such a talented and accomplished group of entrepreneurs who are addressing a wide range of challenges in the education sector,” said LearnLaunch Managing Director Liam Pisano in the release.

According to the release, LearnLaunch Accelerator's four-month program "provides edtech startups with seed funding, six months of workspace, strategic guidance on bringing their products to market, and a diverse team of industry-savvy mentors."

Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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