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LeapFrog Launches Free Summer Reading Program, Offers Learning Tips

LeapFrog Launches Free Summer Reading Program, Offers Learning Tips

LeapFrog is the latest education company to get on board in offering free summer reading programs to parents to prevent the ominous "summer brain drain."

The eight week program provides weekly learning tools for parents each week that include "free printables, activities, articles, videos and more to help parents and children have a fun-filled holiday and combat summer learning loss," the company said in a statement.

Because research has concluded that students often lose a significant amount of skills in the time between summer and the new school year, it's important for students to stay active in learning even when on break.

"The summer months can have a negative impact on children's academic progress, especially in the subject areas of mathematics and science. The 'summer brain drain' can result in children losing one to three months of learning. One of the problems with this learning loss is that teachers may need to spend weeks or even months playing catch-up in the Fall when school resumes," the company said.

The company hopes the free educational content it will be providing will help combat this summer brain drain and help parents keep their kids in engaged. Many would agree, as the program already has 20,000 sign-ups, according to the company. The program will begin June 22 and is designed specifically for the ages of three to eight.

LeapFrog has also offered some tips for parents on how to assume an active role in promoting summer learning for their kids. LeapFrog encourages parents to take their kids on field trips and let them take an active role in planning to "keep minds and bodies active."

Additionally, it suggests letting the child be the teacher as he or she reads a book aloud or explains steps to a solving a math problem.

LeapFrog also tells parents to look for good opportunities to use educational technology and to "look for devices and content designed to address specific learning objectives that are developmentally appropriate, and fun."

Read more about LeapFrog and how to sign up for its eight week summer reading program here. Comment your thoughts in the comment section below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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