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Lawmaker Drops Bill That Would Train Teachers About Appropriate Contact With Students

Lawmaker Drops Bill That Would Train Teachers About Appropriate Contact with Students

An Alabama lawmaker has said he will not move forward with proposed legislation that would require the state’s teachers to receive an hour of training on what constitutes inappropriate relationships with students.

Though the state’s Education Policy Committee had approved the bill by Sen. Cam Ward, R-Alabaster, he has decided to not push the Educator-Student Interaction Training Act after all.

The Educator-Student Interaction Training Act was designed to require teachers to sit through an hour of training "on sexual or romantic contact, social media interactions, interactions outside the classroom and the use of corporal punishment and physical restraints in classrooms,” said

"The bill would require the state superintendent, the School Superintendents of Alabama and the Alabama Education Association to develop the training program.”

Ward made the decision to not push the bill after receiving backlash from educators across social media.

Ward responded via Twitter to a series of criticisms from educator Melanie Otwell, who tweeted: “Every time we turn around someone in state gov. is doing something to make our jobs harder. Let us teach the kids of Alabama!”


Another educator tweeted: “The Educator-Student Interaction Training Act is a waste of the government’s time @SenCamWard. Do you really think so poorly of teachers?”

Originally, Ward defended the legislation saying it was drafted by educators, was requested by education groups and is voluntary.

But after continuing backlash, Ward backed down.


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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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