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Kindergarten Teacher Ranks Top 10 For Job 'Americans Fear Most'

Kindergarten Teacher Ranks Top 10 For Job 'Americans Fear Most'

There are plenty of jobs out there that many may shudder to think about ever having, but kindergarten teacher?

According to a slightly humorous survey, kindergarten teachers lie fourth on the top ten jobs American workers fear most, according to 

"When it comes to what some of America’s workers fear most, looking death in the face has nothing on public speaking, exposure to germs or enthusiastic teens," the report said. "Just in time for Halloween, a fun, new CareerBuilder study shows the idea of being a stand-up comedian, kindergarten teacher or even a parent is just as chill-inducing to some people as being a stunt person, crime scene investigator or mortician."

The survey was commissioned by CareerBuilder and conducted by Harris Poll between August 11 and September 15, the article said, and included 3,103 workers. The first job on the list is "Politician", and scary factors included, "Responsibility; accountability to a large number of people; rejection."

The second on the list was "Microbiologist for Infectious Diseases", and scary factors included, "Germs; Ebola; accidentally leaving the hazmut suit at home." The third on the list was Security Guard at Teen Pop Idol Concert, and scary factors included, "getting trampled by screaming tweens."

Being a kindergarten teacher ranked fourth on the list, and said "there are 158,084 kindergarten teachers (non-special education) in the U.S.." Scary factors of the job included, " Germs; temper tantrums; shaping the minds of America’s youth."

A recent article by The Washington Post, "What Do Ebola Researchers and Kindergarten Teachers Have in Common?" reflects on this poll, and wonders why these two very different jobs are so close in ranking.

"Admittedly the survey participants may not be a real nationally representative group of workers," the article said. "But, that said, there is still something interesting about any group of people who would list infectious disease researchers and kindergarten teachers as among the most frightening jobs in the country."

See the full survey. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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