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K12 Inc. Joins the National School Choice Week Celebration

K12 Inc., is recognizing National School Choice Week (NSCW) held this year from January 24-30.

The company's school partners also celebrate NSCW with numerous activities and school events across the country. No matter what model schools follow, NSCW is all about kids being able to feel confident in the schools they choose to attend.

"America's education system is strengthened as school choice grows,” said K12's Chairman and CEO, Nate Davis.

“All children deserve equal opportunity and access to schools of their choice regardless of their academic, socioeconomic, or geographic circumstance. This is the bedrock principle of school choice: parents know their children best and should have the freedom to choose the right school for their child.”

The company is looking to get parents and educators onboard when it comes to putting the students first and making sure they get the education they truly deserve.

"K12 is a company of educators,” said Davis.

“We are committed to putting students first because we know parents are putting their children first every day. Through innovative online and blended school models, we are helping to expand the footprint of school choice across America. These educational options matter, because for many families online schools are the only school choice option available to them.”

K12 is known for their push on individualized learning and the tech-imprint that they have made in the ed-tech market. According to School Choice Week, NSCW is “the world’s largest annual celebration of opportunity in education.”

The celebration boasts 16,140 events nationwide in all 50 states with over 13,000 various schools as hosts. Mayors and governors in various states have also recognized the week in celebration of school choice. The event is only on day two giving schools the rest of the week including Saturday January 30, to come together and celebrate the cause.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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