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K-12 Education Technology Revamping Learning in Innovative Ways

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the little ways technology has revamped and transformed learning? Well, a recent Chicago Tribune article puts things into perspective and the impact is almost astronomical.

Richard Asa of Blue Sky Innovation started his rundown with a story of Jeanette Jones, a college administrator who was able to witness first hand how educators are being aided by increased technology.

An instructor at a class she was overseeing asked a question that they weren’t prepared to answer. So with quick thinking, the instructor, armed with an unlikely tool called Twitter, posed the question through a tweet and received answers from experts in the field within seconds, according to Asa.

There is no reason that this couldn’t happen in grades K-12 if it hasn’t already. Educators have a world of material to be responsible for and they can’t always be accountable for every single piece of it. It’s not about being unprepared; it’s about making sure you find the answers for students even if you don’t have it immediately. Technology can help with that among many other aspects of learning.

“The fastest growing trend that I see right now, both at school and in the home, is the move toward more portable, multiuse digital devices,” said Sharman Johnston, director of curriculum and instruction for Texas-based Children’s Lighthouse Learning Centers, according to the article.

“Teachers from pre-K through (high school) name laptops, iPads and electronic readers as the portable technologies with the greatest educational potential,” she said. Preschool teachers also favor digital cameras, calling them the “most valuable instructional technology tool.”

Today's classrooms are exposing students to tablets, Chromebooks and in some cases 3D Printers. However, every piece of equipment has one goal in that setting, to aid in the educational development of a student. Whether they are researching the answer to the question, practicing coding skills or simply learning through an educational YouTube video, there are endless ways to use education technology and surely more to be unearthed.

Read the full story and comment below. Any thoughts to share on the next big tech trend in education?

Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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