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Judge Rules in Favor of Sex Ed as Public Right, Statewide Debate Continues

Judge Rules in Favor of Sex Education as Public Right, State-Wide Debate Continues

In California, state law does not require schools to teach comprehensive sex education, but one city's judge has ruled that age-appropriate sex education is indeed a public right, according to the Sacramento Bee.

In Fresno, the fifth largest city in California with a population of just over 500,000 people, the Fresno Unified school district does not require school districts to provide comprehensive sex education.

"California law requires middle and high schools to teach students about how to prevent HIV/AIDS. And if they choose to provide other sexual health information, it must be 'comprehensive,' which means it’s age-appropriate, unbiased, medically accurate information about abstinence, sexually transmitted infections and contraception," according to the article.

Currently, sex education is a big debate throughout the state of California and several organizations are championing the necessity of it in school education in addition to parents who want to see their children properly educated.

Black's 47-page ruling touches on what school districts should be offering by way of sex education according to California law, which may well be changing in the near future.

"The ACLU and several sexual and reproductive rights organizations across California are pushing a bill that would integrate information about contraception, how to prevent STIs, the value of abstinence and how to make smart sexual health decisions into the current HIV/AIDS education law," the article said.

"Dubbed the California Healthy Youth Act, it would also update medical information in California’s HIV/AIDs law. The intention is clarify the law so HIV/AIDS education and sex education are treated as two parts of a whole instead of separate curriculum."

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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